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Hockey Draft Central Auctions

Running an independent site like this one is never expense-free. I have never been comfortable with having a straight "DONATE" button on this site. Any effort to help me should come with something in return. Thus, all money raised to cover costs associated with Hockey Draft Central comes from my eBay auctions.

For the next several weeks, I am auctioning off special lots of Hockey News issues. New auctions will begin after each listed item has been purchased. For a maximum possible donation select the "Buy It Now" option, which is twice the minimum bid. Also, please forward the eBay link to friends.

All auction winners will be listed on a separated page as "Site Supporters".

Currently Up for Auction ...

Hockey Draft Central auction

The current auction is for 10 Hockey News issues from 1984 to 2002, all featuring Mario Lemieux on the cover. This includes the 1997 "Route 66" collector's edition from when Lemieux first retired. The minimum bid is $80. The "buy it now" bid is $150. As noted above, all proceeds are reinvested back into Hockey Draft Central.

For more information on the auction and to place a bid, please click here.