How You Can Help Keep This Site Going Strong ...

Ever since I started work on in the late 1990s, my goal has been to create a comprehensive page for EVERY player ever drafted by major-league hockey teams. The goal has been to treat all players equally in doing the most comprehensive work possible. Unfortunately, it's a task that requires resources, both in terms of time and research materials. And since the best way to buy time and materials is with, well, money, this site will at some level depend on the generosity of those who enjoy visiting it.


I'm not interested in donations, however, because I would rather that the people who show such generosity get something tangible back. This is why I am conducting a series of auctions on eBay.


There are no auctions running at this time. Please check back weekly for future auction listings.


Even if you aren't personally interested in these items or can't bid on them, please take a moment to think of someone you know who might be interested in at least one of them and let that person know about the auctions. Or think about a friend who would enjoy receiving something here as a gift. You help this site by doing just that.

If you are the kind of person who likes to donate to sites you enjoy (can you hear me, Wikipedia?), then raise your bid as high as you want to make it, and start think about the cool stuff you are going to get in return.

Thanks again for supporting the mission of this site. You have already taken the first step by getting this far.