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Site re-launched March 25, 2014


Enough time has passed. More than eight years after work on HockeyDraftCentral.com stopped, it resumed in 2014. A new version of the site has been launched -- initially featuring only the players from the earliest drafts but still allowing users to access other pages in the "older" format, which was the site's look from 2000 to 2014.


All existing URLs remain unchanged. Updates will be made to all existing, older pages as they will begin to re-appear on the site in the new format. The site also now has an associated blog and Twitter feed, which will enable its followers to get updates on the pages added to the site.


HockeyDraftCentral's mission has always been to tell the stories of the men who were deemed great enough at their craft to potentially perform at the highest level. Some became household names, but many others who did not turn into stars went on to careers and lives beyond hockey that were notable in their own right. Hockey is a remarkable game with an unbelievably rich history, a culture all its own, and the sports world's most passionate, dedicated fans. This site strives to recognize thousands of individuals and forever keep them linked to their draft classes.
More About This Site


The nicest thing about this site has been that so many readers have teaken time to drop a note with suggestions, further information about a player listed here, or interesting notes that led to better content for everyone. The Internet has changed a lot since this site launched. There was very little interactivity back then, and even less of what we now call social media. Although Internet trolls will never be welcome in general, the open-door policy remains in effect, and what readers have to say about this site can only help to make it better.

E-mail is welcomed as always at webmaster@hockeydraftcentral.com.
-- Dan David, March 2014