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Although the Hockey Draft Central blog does not allow comments (thanks to the trolls and spammers of the world), fans are free to contact me via e-mail. Here are some reasons people might feel compelled to write.

All of these -- and others not listed here -- are valid reasons to reach out to me. Above all, I want this site to be accurate and I am not out to deliberately offend anyone. Everything that is even potentially controversial or unflattering on this site was publicly reported (i.e. in newspapers) at one time or another and can be found elsewhere in a thorough search of past coverage of the subject.

This site is not just about hockey, it is about a collection of people and the unique culture of the game they play. All previous publicly reported aspects of each person's life -- particularly things that took place while they were in the public eye -- are fair game here. I am not interested in telling only partial stories, but at the same time, I have no desire to sensationalize or harp on the bad stuff -- just to acknowledge its existence when necessary or when it is way out of the ordinary.

In extremely rare cases -- and only when I can confirm I am in direct contact with the proper source of information -- I will report exclusive information provided to me by former players or their friends and family members who asked for it to be included in their profiles.

Readers can also reach out via Twitter (@hockdraftcent) if necessary, but e-mail is preferred.

About this site's author ...

I spent most of the first nine years of my professional life working as a sports writer and copy editor for daily newspapers. In 1997 at age 30, I shifted to the Internet, which was still in its infancy and seemed like a pretty risky place to be. I was hired by CBS SportsLine, where I worked as a copy editor and occasional columnist. Since then I have worked primarily on hockey content for a number of major sites, including CBS SportsLine (now,,, USA Hockey's official site, and

My work on dates as far back as 1996, when I was still working at newspapers and was upset that I couldn't find past NHL draft lists anywhere on the World Wide Web.

In 2005, I was hired by Madison Square Garden and the New York Rangers to work on content I was in that role for eight seasons, which gave me the opportunity to live a dream and experiencing daily NHL life from the inside. During those years, I did not work on, so even though I had a great run there, I am happy to be back on this site.

The bottom line is that I fell in love with both hockey and journalism at a young age, and those passions have yet to leave me. I am always available to help those who are dedicated to creating great hockey-related content.

That's pretty much my story.

-- Dan David