Daily 2018 Draft Prospect Updates

Nov. 27, 2017


Almost no games involving 2018 NHL draft prospects took place Monday, so no top performances list.

The only prospect who managed to score a point was Jack McBain in the Toronto Jr. Canadiens' 3-2 OJHL victory over the Buffalo Jr. Sabres. McBain helped set up the game-winning goal on a power play. He's a potential first-round pick, and because of his size (he's huge) and pedigree (his dad is former NHLer Andrew McBain), it's hard to imagine him going in any other round. First, he'll go to Boston College, and those fans in Chestnut Hill should know that there is a potential Hobey Baker winner on the way -- as long as his future NHL employer doesn't convince him to go major-junior.

Watching footage of McBain is always entertaining because of his team's play-by-play announcer. Regardless of the game or league, it's easy to tell when you're listening to a good announcer because he doesn't draw attention to himself or he's funny enough that you don't mind it. A not-so-good announcer is different, however.

A not-so-good announcer is one who tries too hard. And in trying too hard, he not only draws unnecessary attention to himself but often says ridiculous things while assuming pure brilliance flows from his mouth. This brings us to the Toronto Jr. Canadiens announcer. Enthusiasm is one thing, but this guy tries way too hard. He also sounds like he's trying to do a Jack Edwards impression. That makes him entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

Take a look at the clip below from McBain's assist on Monday, and listen for the following phrases after the goal: "That was what what you call crisp", "it's a masterpiece", "it makes you wonder when these guys are going to get their first painting out", and (my favorite) "like butter, as smooth as butter spread on a piece of bread."

As smooth as butter spread on a piece of bread. How did this image even enter his head? That's all I want to know. In any case, it's time for "Boom goes the dynamite" to make room on the bench.